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Thousands of years ago, men developed body care.

Some have been forgotten, but others have come down to us: these are the traditional massages, ayurvedic, Chinese, Thai or Japanese.

In these many countries, Middle and Far East, touch is integrated into society in the form of care. The care of touch is frequent, natural, it rhythms and permeates the everyday life of the family. Children are massaged regularly until the age of seven and the family massage sessions where everyone receives and gives a massage are weekly.

We know today that the body needs to be touched to grow (literally and figuratively), and that a massage provides a thousand times more well-being than a long speech.

Massage is a real factor of decrease anxiety and improve the immune system by increasing the body’s defense capabilities and restarting all the body’s functions. But even more profoundly it reconnects to the feeling of well-being because it connects the individual to himself, to others and to the reality of his environment.

There is a link between touch and the emotional brain, a network of nerve fibers activates the emotional brain.
Massage is complementary to our lifestyle (balanced and careful diet, environment).

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Ayurvedic massage

The ancestor of relaxing oil massage, this traditional Indian massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Considered by Indians as natural, it is an integral part of Ayurveda or science of longevity which is a Indian medicine.

The ayurvedic massage is done by tapping, rubbing, kneading and pressure of precise points, with a vegetable oil such as sesame oil. And, lasts about an hour.

Its benefits are many , on the physical it :

  • Increases and releases oxygen flow to the tissues
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to eliminate waste outside the body
  • Improves and softens the joints, the spinal column
  • Improves transmission of nerve impulses to organs and the whole body

On the mind, it brings joy, relaxation, inspiration.

Relaxation massages

These massages have a global action, both physical, emotional and psychological. The effect of these massages is to relax, reduce stress, tension, eliminate toxins and bring harmony to the body and mind.

Foot, Palm and Facial Reflexology

The sole of the foot, the hand, the face are a body mirror.

Reflexology is an approach holistic and vitalist i.e. the human is considered as a whole, in a globality physical, emotional and mental.

Reflexology treats functional pain in which the organ is disturbed in its vascularization and its innervation, malfunctions.

On palpation, on the reflex zone of the organ if there is sensitivity, pain and if the tissues present crystals, it is because there is a disbalance of the organ in question.

The reflexology activates the blood and lymphatic circulation, mobilizes and captures waste products and stimulates the emunctories (organs) to evacuate them. The body regains balance and harmony.

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