Important questions when you want to be owner of a 2th home on Camping le Sédour

You have questions concerning a 2th home on Camping le Sédour, here are the answers :

Where can we see the mobile-homes ?

In the park of camping le Sédour, we have some showmodels with terrace that you can visit. 3 different models of mobil-homes (isolated, double glass windows, heating, fully equiped kitchen) are showed there, one with 2 bedrooms, one with 3 bedrooms, and the very luxe one the Key West. All the show models are equiped with a wooden terras ( covered or not covered) outside space for the gazbottle ,store-room, also store-room under the terrace and a wooden table …

How is the delivery of your 2th home?

Your home is immediatly ready for use,and is already placed on your lot, with all the connections, water discharge, elec, TNT etc ( the expenses for transport, connections etc are in detail named in your contract ),

Do I have to pay property taxes and parcel taxes , because I'm owner?

No this 2 taxes are not neccessairy for mobiele holiday homes who are placed on the terrain of campings.You only have to pay tourist tax. T.w € 0.30 p.p. onder de 13 jaar per dag .

Is it allowed to live the whole year on the camping ?

It isn’t allowed to be there the whole year ,because it is a 2th home and you will be esteem to have an other one.

Is it allowed to let my family for their holiday in my mobile-home ?

Yes, your family can use your mobile-home for the weekend or for their holiday.

During which period is the camping open?

The camping is open the whole year.

How much do I have to pay for the lot for a year ?

The rent for a year is € 2400.- for a lot with a surface of 105 m², and € 2640 for a lot of 120 m² incl.maintenance of the whole terrain, guard, fence, path, garden, sanitair and reception, the parking, lightning all-over the park.

Are there more expenses than the yearly rent ?

Do you suggest a finance?

No, we only can introduce you at the local bank.

Is it possible to let out our mobile-home ?

Yes , you can but only for some weeks ( temporary let out ) you have the possibility to do this by our reservationoffice .By our international contacts we can find for your the right clients, we also take care for the financials , controle of the inventair before and after rent, cleaning, and all technical reparations. also the end control and the keys by departure of the clients. The payment of the amount (60 %) is one month after the departure of your hirer. Your hirers have the same rights of using the facilities like you .

Is a cat or dog allowed ?

Yes , pets are allowed but with the right vaccinations and at the park with a line. Animals ( dogs) in cat. 1 and 2 are not allowed.

How can I be sure that the camping not press me to chang my mobile-home (in a short time) ?

We have a very clear contract sign by O’HARA and partners, in which in article 5 is mentioned that we don’t have the right to say to the owners to change their mobil-homes when they are under 12 year (with the exception if the owner/ hirer not accept the rules of the camping). Every-one has the right to see the contract( ask for it in the reception) . I’m already owner of a mobile-home , can I place this on your camping ? No, to garanty esthetic uniformity on the camping, and also because we want to garanty you all the right technical and material service , are only the mobile-homes,buyed by O’HARA in cooperation with the camping allowed,this means also for the terace,out-side store-rooms etc, all this to garanty the best price and the best service for, our clients..

Who is doing the maintenance of the parcel of my mobile-home ?

For all this the camping is responsable and they take care without extra payement of all the maintenance The maintenance of your mobile-home? ( cleaning the outside, cleaning the roof, to prepare for the winter, simpel reparations, etc.…), All this you can do by yourself or you can ask the camping they have a large range of services to offer.

Is the entrance to the camping guard and safe?

Yes, the entrance to the camping is closed with a automatic barrier, every hirer becomes a magnetic badge to open the barrier and come in with his car in the park, visitors have to left their car on the parking outside the camping .The whole year we have a guard, but when he is a moment not their with your badge you always can come in.