For sale mobil-home on camping le sédour at Surba close by Tarascon sur Ariège, in the midi-pyrénées

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Be owner of a 2th home in the Ariège, on camping le Sédour.

Quiet and friendly ,relax in a park full of fragrance of the trees and plants in nature. Camping le Sédour is open the whole year, it is situated by the village Surba, a little village of 350 inhabitants in the center of the park” naturel régional des Pyrénées Ariègeoise”, at the feet of the Calamés. The terrain has a lot of shadow, and at one side a little stream and aroud real nature, a paradise for lovers of rough mountains,at the other side there is a trout nursery, where you can fish your own meal.This little campsite, that gives you the impression to be in a litlle village , has only capicity for 85 privileges.

Foryour 2th home (isolated, double glass windows , heating,well appointed kitchen etc) we have made the decision to work together with one of the most important constructeurs of mobile-homes Rapidhome,specialised in listen to your ideas , your needs ,and your budget, to have comfort and an equipment of your own chose. For futher equipment ( the wooden terras ) and accessoires for your mobile-home, we have chosen for a well-known manufacturer, Sud-Loisirs-Service.

The whole yearthere is a guard, the entrance is secured by an automatical barrier to open it you have a persenal badge.

a very clear contract , serious and clear for both parties ; to avoid surprises and to give you the possibility to enjoy as long as possible of your mobile-home .

It is easy to come to the camping, take the RN 20, high-road, or come by train the station of Tarascon is close-by ; distance to the shopsetc is max. 2 km from the camping (backery, restaurants, bar, supermarkets, post,tabac…),when you happend to be a bird it is only 30 km to fly to come in Spain, in less than one houre by car you are in Andorra, in the region there are different prehistorical bezienswaardigheden worth seeings, skipists and langlauf, Spa, the most beautiful moutaintops of the Ariège (more than 3000 m high) lakes, forets…and of cours also fisching , mushrooms. Walking and cycling. (through the vallies around the camping).

And to finish, you have the possibility , when you want to have a little profit , to let out for hire you mobile-home ,and so increase a little your expenses, and it is you who makes the decision at what period and how long . Our central reservation office is able to find for you the best clients and they also take care for 100% for everything during that period, like the payment, controle,cleaning,bail, key, etc

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To built little walls of natural material from the mountains on Camping le Sédour


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